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  1. Go to
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. Create Your Amazon Account
  4. Submit Your Amazon Seller Application

Typical time for approval takes a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Make sure to have a License or ID, Social Security Number and Proof of Residency handy. Amazon may also request a Face-to-Face Virtual Identity Confirmation.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Sign Up” or “Free Trial”
  3. Enter Your Information
  4. Choose Your Plan
  5. Enter Your Payment Information
  6. Connect Your Marketplace
  7. You’re Ready to use AMZGuard!

Dashboard: This is AMZGuard Base Camp. You can Track and Analyze your Amazon Selling Progress. Analyze your Total ASIN’s, Active ASIN’s, Inactive ASIN’s, Pending ASIN’s and View a Supplier Overview Pie Chart. Here at Base Camp you can also view your Product Listing Progress, See Recently Added Products and View Your Seller Profile.

Marketplace: Here you can track and import your Amazon Marketplace. This is going to be the Amazon Seller Account(s) you Connect to AMZGuard

Amazon Listing: Here you can Upload and Publish new Amazon Listings to your Amazon Marketplace and AMZGuard Monitoring Software

Live Inventory: Here you can Monitor and Observe your Active/Inactive Listings, Edit and View Price Stock Reports and Track Your Inventory. On this tab You can also view your Profit, Quantity and Status of every listing on your store. Make use of our Listing Search Filter to to Find your Specific Listing in Seconds.

Suppliers: Here you can view our current Suppliers Available on Make use of Supplier Support Numbers and Live Chat Links

  1. Click on the “Marketplace” Tab on AMZGuard
  2. Make sure you are signed into Amazon Seller Central 
  3. Choose your Amazon Marketplace Country
  4. Click the Orange Connect Button and AMZGuard will automatically connect
  5. Give a name for your Marketplace 
  6. Click Save
  7. You can add new Marketplaces, or Edit, on the “Marketplace” Tab

AMZGuard currently offers the following Suppliers: Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond and Home Depot

  1. Go to , or 
  1. Go to your suppliers website
  2. Look through products and compare price to supplier’s price.
  3. Use the Amazon FBA Calculator to calculate Fees and Profit
  4. Once you confirm a profitable product – import it to AMZGuard to and the Software will push it to Your Amazon Marketplace

Keep a Look Out for Savings, Discounts or Flash Sales which can be perfect products with high margins. We recommend doing this daily, or having a Virtual Assistant do it. The more products you sell, the more profit. Visit our AMZUniversity for Step-by-Step Video Training.

  1. Go to Dashboard
  2. Click on “Amazon Listing” Tab
  3. Click on “Add New Product”
  4. Choose Your Marketplace
  5. Paste Your Amazon Listings ASIN (Found on
  6. On the Amazon Details enter the Price you want to sell your product (Make sure it’s cheaper than the current offer)
  7. On the Supplier Details enter the Supplier URL and Click “Next” (Give it time)
  8. On the Supplier Details enter the Supplier Price
  9. On the Supplier Details enter the Supplier Shipping Cost
  10. On the Supplier Details enter the Availability to “In Stock”
  11. On the Supplier Details enter the Handling Time for your listing (5 Recommended) 

*Please Allow up to 15min – 1 Hour for the Listing to Push to your Amazon Marketplace

Advanced Settings:

Quantity: Here you can change the original starting Quantity of your listing. We recommend starting with 5.

Quantity Multiplier: Here you can take advantage of bundled offers by entering a Quantity Multiplier

Variation: Here you can add a product variation such as “Red” or “Blue” or “Small” or “Large”

Source: The Authorized User of the Product Listing

Welcome to the Guard’s Post! This Is where AMZGuard watches your inventory while you sleep. Monitor Profits, Availability and Active/Inactive Inventory on your Amazon Store.

SKU: This is the Stock Keeping Unit Number. This is pulled from your supplier and used to track your items here on AMZGuard. Clicking on the SKU will pull up the Price Stock Report. 

The Stock Price Report: Here you can view a real-time overview of Stock and Price changes from your product . Track any Price, Shipping or Stock changes here. This report marks the exact time the item went out of stock, and a chart to help you track the inventory progress

ASIN: This is the Amazon Identification Number for every Amazon Product.

Title: This is the Title of your Amazon Listing

Quantity: This is the Quantity of your items supply.

Base Price: This is the suppliers base price and your wholesale cost.

Your Price: This is the retail price you are selling for on Amazon

Profit: This is the estimated profit for your product listing for every sale.

Status: This shows the status of your Amazon Listing

Action: Here you can edit, view or delete any specific Amazon Listing.

Search & Filter: Search for your specific Amazon Listing by using our Filters

*Please Allow up to 5min-1 Hour for any Changes to Push to your Amazon Marketplace

My Profile

General: Change your basic information such as Name, Street Address, Email Address and more

Change Password: Change your AMZGuard Password for your account

Subscription History: View your Signup History and View Plans you have started , or upgraded.

Update Plan: Here you can update your AMZGuard Plan which will allow more products to be listed on your account. Choose between the Yearly or Monthly Plan.

Logout: Use this link to secretly log-out of our application.

When a product listing changes price on the Suppliers Website AMZGuard will notify you about the change + automatically adjust your price on Amazon by 10% to make sure you still profit.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Free Shipping Threshold $39

Notes: You can join the Beyond+ Membership Program for Ultimate Discounts. Too many orders with coupons will result in order cancellations. 


Home Depot

Free Shipping Threshold $45

Notes: You can apply to be tax exempt!



Free Shipping Threshold $35

  1. AMZGuard will ONLY Track items that are “Sold and Shipped by Walmart” on
  2. Do Not List any products from Walmart on AMZGuard if the item is not “Sold and Shipped by Walmart” – These are 3rd party suppliers and we can’t control, trust nor track, their inventory.

Notes: You can apply to be tax exempt!

Earn up to 30% Commission on Monthly and Annual Subscriptions you refer to AMZGuard. Interested in signing up? Contact Us

Yes we allow ALL Amazon Marketplaces around the World, although we only currently use USA Suppliers. It is recommended to connect a USA Marketplace to your AMZGuard Account while using our USA Suppliers. We plan to eventually grow our international sources.

We hate to see you go! If you are having trouble getting started feel free to reach out to us via chat or email and we can connect you with a E-Commerce Expert to Review Your Strategy and Help you get started selling successfully. 

If you would like to close your account or request a refund please send an email to 

Need to change your payment method on file? 

Visit our Customer Portal to view your invoices, change your card info and more: Customer Portal